4DOF Sorting Robot Arm


Powerful and agile robot arm

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By ganeevsingh94
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The 4DOF Sorting Robot Arm is a small and agile robotic arm, built using high torque motors, acrylic and ABS parts for the mechanical structure, customized electro-magnet, 2 AVR micro-controllers, and some clever programming. The arm can be shown off at home or submitted in colleges, events, and competitions.

See the arm in action:

Place the coins in a stack, on the yellow dot shown in the photo, power it up using your phone’s micro-B USB charger or laptop, and WATCH IT GO! The electromagnet picks up 1 coin (or any other metal object) at a time and places it in the container fixed on the platform. You can download the easy to read code and customize the handmade arm to do your bidding!

Arm – Fully Assembled, with platform and container AVR Codes
The arm can be coded to do more things, like this:

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