April 27, 2016


Turn your hobby projects into a money-making career with Maker Mandi!
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Sell your projects, prototypes and products to customers around the world.

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For any queries, email buyer [at] makermandi.com.

Online Transactions, Import Problems, Shipping Issues, Order Cancellation or Dispute? We’ll take care of it all!

What is Maker Mandi?
Mandi‘ (language: Hindi) means a trading hub or a big market, and is a centuries old concept in India. Maker Mandi is India’s first online marketplace where anyone can sell their products across the globe. Maker Mandi supports the maker culture and the Maker to Market view.

What is MakerMandi’s official address?
Delhi Location: A-51, Third Floor, Narang Colony, Janak Puri, New Delhi – 110058, India.
Other Locations: Coming Soon

Who is a Maker?
A maker is any person involved within variety of interests and skill levels, from industry experts to garage tinkerers, from full-time makers to weekend DIYers. Makers focus on home crafts, baking, electronics, woodworking, welding, backyard science and more. A maker of Maker Mandi is an individual or entity that isn’t just a consumer but a contributor of goods, who likes to make things and sell them to others. Each maker becomes a seller with Maker Mandi and can turn it into a career.

Where do I sign up to become a seller?
Go to the Account page, and use your email to signup. Select the checkbox to become a seller, submit the details on Seller Signup form and we’ll set you up as a seller.

What kind of products can sellers add?
Any product can be added. There’s no limits to the category or type of products. You can add products that you have built using your hands, or you can get your products manufactured to perfection and sell it. Sketches, paintings, hand crafted objects, 3D printed objects, interactive art, electronic projects, robots, IoT devices, wearables, tools, prototypes and products are the preferred products.

What is the cost of listing a product?
Listing a product on MakerMandi is absolutely FREE.

The category of my product doesn’t exist. What can I, as a seller, do?
A category can be added during the creation of product and will be automatically added to the website’s store. So you can sell anything with MakerMandi.

What documents do sellers need to submit when signing up? Why?
When you sign up as a seller, you need to put the Full Name in the form, as it appears in the documents you’re going to attach. Account Holder’s Name should match the name under which the account at the bank operates, to make sure that the payouts are processed correctly. The information on the form is needed to confirm your identity and make sure you get hassle-free quick payouts to your account.

For Identity Proof
Individual: Submit a scanned copy of your Passport/ PAN Card/ Voter ID Card. For a group or unregistered makerspace/startup, submit the copy of the person who’s name will be used for the account (usually the founders in case of Makerspace/startup). The individual must be over 18 years of age.
Registered Makerspace/Startup : If it is a registered company or non-profit, you need to submit a scanned copy of the Certificate of Incorporation.
For Address Proof
Individual: Submit a scanned copy of your Passport/ Driving License/ 6 months Bank Statement/ Landline Telephone Bill/ Electricity Bill. For a group or unregistered makerspace/startup, submit the copy of the person who’s name will be used for the account.
Registered Makerspace/Startup: If it is a registered company or non-profit, you need to submit a scanned copy of 6 months Bank Statement/ Landline Telephone Bill/ Electricity Bill/ Memorandum of Association.

How do sellers decide the product’s price?
For a new product, add the cost of the parts used, and the cost of making it, which includes the time you spent putting it together. The better your product looks and works, the better its cost may be. But remember that other sellers on the website may have the same product at a lower price, so keep your prices competitive from the start.

For a used product, add the cost of the parts used, and the cost of making it, which includes the time you spent putting it together. Then subtract the cost of using it. Ideally you should reduce 1-3% of the product cost for each time you’ve used the product.
If you are a registered company you should also include the tax of each product that you are required to pay to the government.
You may also add the cost of shipping the product to our office in Delhi, if you do not plan to hand-deliver it to one of our locations.

What is Maker Mandi’s share in the product cost?
To simplify your pricing calculations and make product listing easier, Maker Mandi will not take a cut from the cost of the product you’ve decided. Whatever cost you enter while adding the product to Maker Mandi, is the cost that is transferred to your account at pay-out.
There is ZERO listing fees, ZERO transaction fees, ZERO payment processing fees. The website automatically adds a handling percentage that takes care of the website maintenance costs as well as the payment processing costs.

How does Maker Mandi simplify shipping?
You ship the products directly to MakerMandi’s address. We take care that it reaches the customer safe and sound. If you are adding shipping cost to your product during listing, you only need to add the cost of shipping it to us. Thereby reducing precious time in figuring out the exact shipping service to use and their various local, national or international prices. Use this saved time to make more products, to be sold on Maker Mandi.

How & When do sellers get paid?
Once your product arrives in perfect condition at our address, your payment is initiated. So by the time the product reaches the customer, payment arrives into your bank account.

How do sellers promote their products?
Here’s a few ways for you to promote your products and yourself with the help of Maker Mandi:
1. Blog. Add a post to the blog page and promote new products you add to Maker Mandi, or a Sale you’re offering for a limited time. Ideally, you should have one blog post per product or sale offer.
2. Videos. Add videos of products to your own Youtube account and simply add the video to your product description or blog post. Paste the link of the video (for example- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmkQP701tMQ) on a line by itself in your blog post or product’s description and make sure that it is not hyperlinked. The video will show up automatically after its published to the website.
3. Social Media.
a. Facebook. Go into your user account and add the link to your facebook profile or page, if you haven’t already (by default it is set to MakerMandi’s facebook page: https://facebook.com/MakerMandi), and watch as every time you share the product on facebook, it includes your profile/page link. This way, you simultaneously promote your products and increase your own followers.
b. Twitter. Go into your user account and add the link to your account’s twitter username (without @), if you haven’t already (by default it is set to MakerMandi’s username: @MakerMandi), and watch as every time you share the product on facebook, it gets shared on your own twitter profile.
c. WhatsApp. When your products and blog posts are viewed on a smartphone or tablet, a button to share it on WhatsApp will appear automatically with the other buttons under “Share:”, so you can tell your friends and WhatsApp groups about it too!

How do sellers get themselves featured on the seller page?
Signup to become a seller. Set your logo image in your profile. Add product(s) to sell on the website. You’re Done!
We’ll feature the logo on the page for absolutely FREE.

Who is a Buyer?
A Buyer is an individual or company that purchases the product(s) listed on MakerMandi.com

What are the steps to buy products from MakerMandi.com?
Select product(s) from the store. View Cart. Click ‘Checkout’. Complete details in checkout. Complete payment. You’re Done!

Where do buyers sign up?
Go to the Buyer Account page, submit all the details, and your account will be created automatically. You can also use your facebook or twitter profile to sign up.

I want to buy from MakerMandi.com but don’t want to sign up. Is that okay?
It’s not necessary to sign up to buy products from Maker Mandi. At the time of checkout you are asked for your details, for shipping purposes (such as, name, email, shipping address etc.), which you must enter every time you make a purchase. By creating an account, you can save time by adding these details only once.

Which shipping option do I choose during checkout?
At the time of checkout you are given 1 or more shipping options to choose from according to your location. Choose the best option for you and it will be added to the checkout.

How do I pay for the products?
The last step of checkout is the payment step. Here you can decide the mode of payment you like.
The ‘(online)’ payment modes are used for paying through Debit/Credit Card or Net-Banking. The ‘(offline)’ payment modes are for paying through Bank Transfers, Cheque, Demand Drafts at your nearest branch of ICICI Bank. You can also use the ‘(offline)’ method to pay Paypal and Paytm.
Use this link to pay via Paypal: http://jmoon.xyz/paypal
Use this link to pay via Paytm: http://jmoon.xyz/paytm

Are the payments secure?
The payments are 100% encrypted and secure. No card or bank account information is saved on our servers whatsoever.

Will I get unsolicited emails?
Not at all. We never send out unsolicited spam emails to our customers.

Can I get in touch with the seller?
If you want the seller’s name and contact, the information may be found on that particular seller’s store or on the seller tab on the product description.

I have more questions!For any query email maker@makermandi.com or buyer@makermandi.com