MakerMandi has Moved!

New Links

Want to shop for things made by Indian makers and DIYers? Visit
Looking for Worbla (your favorite thermoplastic)? Head over to
Looking for Silicone, Resin, Latex, EVA Foam, PU Foam or other materials for molding & casting? awaits!
Searching for the 3D Printers, 3D Pens, or Filaments? They can all be found on
Looking for electronic parts or tools for your project? IS FULL OF THEM! Go Explore!

Sell with MakerMandi

Want to sell your Prototypes, Products or Handicrafts?
Want to know if your hardware startup idea will get customers?
Want to get customer feedback to improve things before taking your product to market?
Get in touch with us on

Why this happened started out as an experiment by JMoon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. to see how many makers in India would be interested in taking their prototype to market and how many people would be interested in becoming early-adopters for those products. With over 2 years of successful operations, since 21.07.2015, that experiment has come to an end.
Now, in an effort to streamline orders, improve service, and increase selling channels, everything from MakerMandi has moved to our flagship store: RoboRium The Robot Emporium (and its Android App)

What has changed

Not much. Team behind MakerMandi is the same as Team RoboRium.
For Customers
RoboRium offers even more shipping options, and ships to a lot more countries.
RoboRium lets customers in Delhi place orders online and simply drop by JMoon MakerSpace (contact) to collect their order in person.
RoboRium also offers a bunch of new payment options for 9 different currencies for Indian and international customers!
For Sellers
Benefits of becoming a seller with Maker Mandi were:
1. ZERO Listing Fee
2. ZERO Commission Cuts
3. FREE Marketing
4. FREE Logo Listing
5. Personalized Store Link
6. Earn With A Bank Account
7. Sell Around The World
All of this is still maintained on RoboRium. There is no fees for sellers to get their products listed. There is no commission cuts for the sellers. Marketing is still handled by us. The logo listing is free, and sellers still have their own personalised link to all their products. To help reduce seller problems, Team RoboRium even lists and manages the products for the seller! How cool is that? Even the way sellers can ship products to us and get the money transferred directly to their bank account has been improved!